Communication Issues


Gather round, everyone. If you can maneuver yourselves into a circle, that’d be peachy. I know being zip-tied together by your wrists makes it a challenge, but I think the need for those highlights the importance of our discussion. When I decided to take you all hostage, I envisioned the situation running just a tad more smoothly, and I have to say, it really boils down to communication. Don’t you think, Miller? I want to hear from you all—let me get that duct tape off your mouth for you. Silly of me to forget that, but it goes to show we’ve all got something to work on.

Honestly, I don’t know where this went wrong, so I thought we could get everything out on the floor. Can we try some “I statements”? I think that’d be great. It’ll help us own our feeIings without undue accusation. I’ll start: I feel excluded when you stop your conversations when I try to contribute because then I have nobody to talk to. True, you’re all hostages and I’m the so-called “hostage-taker” (what an unflattering phrase!) but that’s no excuse to be exclusive, right? It just hurts my feelings a smidge. I want us to be a tighter-knit group, you know?

Alright, Roberts, why don’t you give it a shot? No no no, “I feel like you don’t understand we all just want to get home to our loved ones” is not an I statement, Roberts. That “like” is a little wall you’ve put up between us. Tear that wall down, Roberts. I’ll do another example: I feel sad when I hear whispers that you all think I’m incompetent, because I really poured my heart and soul into this. If you have a problem with my methods, well, I can take constructive criticism! How am I supposed to improve if you don’t help me?

Look, I know tensions are high. We’re all a little fragile since Collins escaped and I instated the zip-tie rule. It’s met with some opposition, but hear me out—it really seems to have brought you all closer. If I didn’t need to answer the phone in case we get more info about the drop-off, I would zip-tie myself to one of you as well. But anyway, there’s still no excuse not to be open with one another.

I want us to be a team. And a team is so much more than a group of people who inhabit the same space. Let’s change speed. How about trust falls?